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Autumn is well under way and winter is about to start. The days are shorter, trees are getting bare and it’s getting cold and damp. As much as we think about new shoes and dresses for the new season, we should not forget about treating our skin too. Hot summer days have left our skin dehydrated, dull, sometimes with dark spots and now we literally face chilly winds, wet and cold weather combined with dry and warm office air – you’ll admit it– not a great combination for our skin.

We thought we’d share with you some tips to keep your skin in good shape:

  • Exfoliate – a lot has been said about it, we would just like to stress the importance of it. There are many kinds of exfoliants (scrubs, AHA and BHA acids etc.) that apart from removing dead cells and increasing collagen production, simply prepare the skin for the next step and improve the effectiveness of nourishing products we put on the skin after. The frequency and type of exfoliation depend on many factors: age, skin type, skin condition. Saying: use a scrub once a week is not really a good piece of advice. You need to listen to your skin. If you have any questions – we will be happy to share some more personal tips. 
  • Moisturise – autumn is this time of a year when the skin screams for hydration. Apart from daily moisturisers, beauty masks, don’t forget about facial oils and serums. I wish I found them earlier. They are usually more concentrated than creams, stimulate regeneration of cells, many of them have strong anti-aging properties. Look for ingredients like hyaluronic acid which is known for its extra hydrating properties. Use your moisturiser during your evening beauty routine when your skin is still slightly damp to lock in more moisture. 
  • UV Protection – don’t get fooled, the sun is still out there and still can make a lot of damage to your skin. Facial sunscreen is a daily essential even on those darker autumn days. 
  • Lips, hands, feet – isn’t it funny how much time we spend shoe shopping (yes, I am guilty of that one!) and how little attention we give to the appearance of our hands or feet. One study says that it is the hands that reveal our actual age. I keep that in mind and wear gloves as soon as it gets chilly and invest in a nourishing hand cream that contains some rich butters (I usually have a few on the go – one in my desk drawer, one on the bedside cabinet and one in my handbag – but one is enough too!).

Extra tip: the best time to apply a nourishing hand cream is after you’ve washed your hands. Don’t dry your hands fully, keep them slightly damp before applying the cream. It will help to seal in the moisture.

Don’t forget to keep your feet soft and smooth. Take a good care of them, a hot bath with some essential oils, exfoliation and hydration should be applied on regular basis. Dry, cracked heels can be very uncomfortable and don’t look very attractive even in a pair of Jimmy Choo’s.

Keep your lips smooth too. Have a lip balm with you and any time you feel your lips are dry, use it. Lips are particularly prone to cracking (they don’t have oil glands like other parts of our skin) and need some nourishing love on those blustery autumn days.

Our final advice is always listen to your skin. Autumn is a wonderful time to indulge in your beauty habit and your skin will thank you. It is, however, worth remembering that beauty products are not a magic wand and although they help to keep our skin in great form, there are other very important factors like diet, stimulants (e.g. coffee, alcohol), length of sleep or the amount of water we drink, that have impact on our skin condition. Here’s to a healthy, glowing skin!

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