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I LOVE avocados, I could probably eat one on its own, just as it is, for breakfast, lunch and dinner, every day, but I have to keep reminding myself that it has quite a few calories (1 medium avocado has around 250 kcal) and the diet needs to be balanced and varied.

 Avocado is one of those superfoods that really benefits your health. It is packed with vitamins, minerals, good fats and fibre that our bodies need. Since I started being treated for high blood pressure, I have been researching how I can help myself naturally and I’ve learnt that avocados have more potassium than bananas - it’s one of the minerals that supports healthy blood pressure levels and most people don’t get enough of it. It’s also a great source of antioxidants that protect the eyes and also helps lower cholesterol.

Avocado oil (obtained through a cool & unique process known as cold press that helps the oil retain all its goodness) is also fabulous for the skin. The oil is quite unique too as it’s not made from the skin or the pips like other oils, but the actual fruit. Loaded with protein, beta carotene, lecitin, fatty acids, A,D and E vitamins it help increase moisture levels of the skin, boost collagen metabolism (in simple words - when less collagen is produced by the body we start noticing more wrinkles and lines and the skin starts to sag, the skin is basically losing its elasticity). It is also said to protect the skin from UV rays - these bad boys get to the DNA of your skin and damage it causing a range of issues from premature skin aging to skin cancer. For that reason alone I pick the products that contain avocado oil, especially when it comes to face products, as the skin on our face is much thinner, more often exposed to UV rays and more prone to irritations. Oh yes, irritations is another issue I meant to mention - did you know that avocado oil is a great healer and soother? Recently we went away and I forgot to pack my serum. Travelling - by plane especially - always causes that my face skin is very dehydrated, itchy and with outbreaks like when I was a teenager! When we got back, after a quick shower I applied my serum and immediately my face felt relieved, almost as if the thirst has been quenched and after couple days the spots healed. I usually use the Hydrating Face Serum on damp face, leave it for a short while for water to evaporate and then apply the Naffi cream, which is more matt and great to use as a base for foundation. Although if I’m staying at home, I just put couple more drops of the serum and just let the skin absorb the goodness. The serum can be used in the morning and evening. Oh, did I say I love the fragrance of the serum and Naffi cream? Find them both sooo relaxing!

 If you have any questions about our Hydrating Face Serum or Naffi Hydrating cream, drop us a line.

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