Beauties from the sea - what’s the hype about the slimy seaweeds

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Brown and red algae are seaweed species that grow in sea habitats. They are very clever tangly things. Brown algae can be often found free floating thanks to little air pockets so that they can absorb maximum sunlight while the red algae grow in the deeper sea and can process blue light. During millions of years they developed mechanisms to protect their DNA from UV damage and this gave them a lot of attention. Their unique bioactive substances are considered natural photoprotective agents and found their use in skincare formulations and beauty products.

Brown algae is an emollient to soften skin and is known for its anti-bacterial purposes. The skin benefits from hydration, maintenance of moisture, detoxification and increased elasticity, firming and improving tone. Their amino-acids are praised for tissue renewing properties and the fatty acids help to fight inflammation and reduce acne. Some studies also suggest that substances extracted from brown algae may also protect against skin cancer caused by too much sun exposure. Algae extracts also function as thickening agents in skincare products improving texture and spreadability.

Red algae are known to provide antioxidant protection to the skin. They also neutralize free radicals (that damage the skin DNA speeding up skin aging) due to high levels of peptides, carotenoids, sulfated polysaccharides, fatty acids and a range of vitamins like C, E, K, B, provitamin A.

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