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Over the past few weeks, we found ourselves in strange times, with many of us being overwhelmed and concerned, anxiety and panic kicks in, we fear the unknown and uncertainty. Most of us stay at home and try to isolate from the outside world, but we must try and keep calm. It will pass. It will take some time, but it will pass.

While we self-isolate, we can help ourselves a little bit with these tips.

* Try to limit the time spent following the news – either on tv, radio or social media. They fuel the anxiety. Listen to some music. 


* Exercise if you can – of course follow the government advise if you want to do that outside, but exercising at home can also be fun. There are plenty videos on YouTube, so go on, put on comfy clothes & shoes and give it a go. Exercise can help boost immune system and helps clear your head. Dance is also a great way of keeping fit. Own a treadmill or a stepper? Dust them off! As Buddha said: ‘To keep the body in good health is a duty, otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear’.


* Do you like reading? Maybe there are books on your bookshelf that you didn’t get around to reading? Downloadable and audio books are another option.


* Maybe start learning a new language or new skill? Duolingo app is a great way to start learning foreign languages and it’s free. Maybe you dreamt of taking perfect photos? You can find an online photography course.



* Create a home spa – have a fragrant soak, use body scrub, apply face mask – increased screen time has a negative impact on our skin. Paint your nails, just for you. Have a pamper day. Have a look at our sets with bath salts, body scrubs and creams


* Have you been meaning to declutter the wardrobe for quite some time? Perfect time to do so and it’s a great way to divert your thoughts. Maybe think what charity could benefit from donation of some unwanted items (of course drop them off only when it’s safe to go out and everything is back to normal. Some people love preloved items).


* Do you like writing? How about starting a blog or writing some short stories? (I love the sound of the typewriter in ‘9 to 5’ song by Dolly Parton)


* If you have a garden or a balcony – try planting some flower or veggies. It’s great to see them grow, even better if you can use them in your cooking.

 * Like trips to the zoo? Why not try the zoo live webcams – for example Kids enjoy that too!

* If you’re more of a museum or a gallery fan – you can visit some of them virtually too, for example 

* Ditch that ‘all day pyjama/gown’ look! You will feel so much better when you put on normal clothes and if you’re a makeup wearer, slap it on! Especially when you work from home, this will give you a bit of normality. 

* Write a plan for your next day(s) – what you’re going to do or cook for dinner (like some write kids schedule). Tick each point once complete, it will give you a nice sense of achievement. You can print free daily organisers from Pinterest, they are great!


* Choose POSITIVITY. Negative thinking doesn’t change any situation, but can trigger anxiety and can affect the immune response functions. So, stay healthy! 


Love & well wishes, 

Anna x


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