Let’s talk superfood - that’s good for the skin too.

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Acerola - also called Barbados or West Indies cherry is a super food extremely rich in vitamin C. Apart from being used in folk and modern medicine, being praised for its cold & flu fighting properties and boosting immune system, it has an array of benefits for the skin. As a strong antioxidant it protects the skin against free radical damage, boosts collagen production, brightens and evens skin tone by eliminating hyperpigmentation, moisturises and prevents skin ageing by improving skin elasticity. It is also said to enhance capillary strength. Acerola cherry has astringent properties similar to witch hazel which can be helpful in treating blemishes.

Acerola cherries are actually berries and are not related to the cherries we all know, however they can still be eaten - either raw or used in preserves.

All this just sounds too good to be true and I don’t know about you but I know I want to try one of this world’s greatest superfoods. While I’m on a hunt for Acerola jam or preserve, I started with the Acerola essence for my skin - and it feels so good! Just a few sprays on to your face and gently pat with the tips of your fingers (it’s too good to waste on cotton wool pads) and let the skin absorb the goodness and prepare for the next beauty product. My choice here is the amazing Velvet Rose cream also containing the glorious acerola. I’m officially addicted to these products and I hope you will be too! Here’s to the healthy glowing skin!


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