Solid shampoo bars - let's help the planet!

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Have you ever used a solid shampoo bar? Or maybe you are not sure how your hair will like it?

It is quite normal to have doubts about new skincare and shampoos are no different, whether they come in a liquid or solid form. The majority of us have only ever use the liquid/gel shampoos, that you squeeze out from the bottle and automatically wash your hair. I hope we can help to change that common perception that the soap bars are too difficult to use, that they leave residue or leave the hair dull. We can hopefully convince you to switch to this sustainable way of washing your hair with quality bar shampoos. We need to stress that not all hair shampoo bars are the same, some are just hair soaps, which will need vinegar rinse to lower pH and add shine. Therefore, it is important to check the ingredients or even ask for advice from the manufacturer.



Why choose our shampoo bars?

  • Our solid shampoo bars do not contain soap like many others, so there is no need for vinegar rinse. There is also no transition time between using regular liquid shampoo and our Herbs & Hydro shampoo bars. 
  • Solid shampoos bars do not need plastic containers. We are striving to eliminate as much plastic as possible from our lives and switching to solid shampoo bars. They are a great alternative to bottled shampoo, as they usually come in little tins or cardboard boxes, that can be easily recycled or reused. (Always wondered where to put the spare buttons? The little tins are perfect for that. You’re welcome!)

  • Shampoos bars are concentrated and economical. They do not contain water and although they seem small, they will last the same or sometimes longer than the regular size bottled ones. Our shampoo bars will last up to 50 uses.
  • Solid shampoos have a lower carbon footprint. No water = less weight = less transport space = less CO2 emissions. Let us help reduce our contribution to climate change!
  • Cruelty free and natural ingredients. Many brands that produce shampoo bars strive to protect the oceans, wildlife and ecosystems that are already heavily affected by the beauty industry. However, many more still produce traditional bottled shampoos that often end up in landfills or seas and are often filled with preservatives and chemicals that can strip hair of its natural oils and leave your scalp feeling dry. Some brands still test on animals or use ingredients tested on animals. Our shampoo bars by Herbs & Hydro are expertly formulated with natural ingredients and have never been tested on animals.

  • Shampoo bars beat no liquid ban on flights - so when traveling on business or holiday, you can put the little tin in your hand luggage, saving space in your liquid bag for your favourite face cream or perfume!

How to use your solid shampoo and how to look after it.

A solid shampoo can last months if used correctly and when looked after. Using bar shampoo is only slightly different and takes several seconds longer to apply from traditional shampoo, but it's actually very easy.

  • Short hair – thoroughly wet the hair and wet the shampoo bar, apply several strokes of the soap on the hair. Gently create some lather and work into your roots and massage the scalp as you would with any shampoo. Rinse out. Tip: If you have little or thinning hair, work the bar between the palms of your hands to make up lather and apply to your hair. This way you can control better the amount of shampoo you use.
  • Longer hair – lather shampoo bar in hands to avoid hair tangling and apply foam to the roots, massage the scalp. Make sure the lather reaches front, back and sides if you have lots of hair.

You can apply conditioner and style your hair as normal. You might want to try our solid conditioner bars.

Do not immerse the shampoo bar under water so it does not soften excessively, as this will considerably reduce its life. Store the shampoo on a soap dish to dry after use (before putting it back into its tin) so that it lasts longer, it dries out pretty quick.



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