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It took us a while to get to know how good natural skincare products are. In my teenage years a moisturiser was almost non existent, never gave a second thought about the future of my skin, although my skin did look ok back then (apart from when I forgot to take my make up off after partying or when I overdid with make up and decided to go sunbathing! Who goes sunbathing with full makeup on?! Well, maybe if you’re a star and know that paparazzi are waiting in hiding to take a snap of you!) 

When I got to my 20s, I just grabbed any cheap moisturiser available, slapped it on and didn’t think whether it was good for me or not as long as it had a nice fragrance (sometimes using mum’s stuff - sorry mum, now you know why you were running out so quick!). 

As my skin started to show some fine lines, I became more educated that skin needs to be looked after. I started using better quality products, although still not natural ones, as there weren’t many available. 

I started my journey with natural skincare just over 2 years ago when my friend and co-founder introduced me to the protective cream by Iossi and I never looked back. My skin looks so much better now than 10 years ago. We tested many products and fell head over heals with some of them, so that we now offer them in our shop. We are constantly testing new products, always on a hunt for the holly grail but we have to be hundred percent happy with them before introducing them to you. 

There are some important tips to remember when actually introducing natural skincare to your beauty routines. If you haven’t used natural products before, make sure you introduce one product at a time, spreading the introduction of other products over several days if not weeks depending on how reactive your skin is. Some people might be more prone to having an initial reaction to natural products (and not only natural) so if you’re unsure whether you are allergic to any of the ingredients of the natural product, always do a patch test and if any irritation occurs, stop using the product. 

If you just had any skin treatments (either cosmetic or medical) make sure your skin is completely healed before using any new products to avoid irritations. Although most of our products have soothing and calming effects, we suggest to wait a couple weeks or patch test to be sure. 

We always recommend to read the labels, study the ingredients, research, ask questions (we are here to help too) but most importantly always listen to your skin. Show it some love and care. Take the time out of each day to nurture it. It’s commitment that makes a difference. 

Anna x


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