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In the world of ‘excess’ that we live in, everything is so easily available. We are surrounded and even addicted to chemicals - whether they are cosmetics, skincare or home care stuff, it is enough to look around our homes to find the perfect examples. Also store shelves are packed with cosmetics and skincare and each one looks appealingly packaged, has perfect consistency and fragrance and ingredients that resemble ... a 'periodic table'.

 At Love Body Basics we are very much concerned about our health and our families health and we do not want to put on our bodies any harmful substances as we are surrounded by them anyway, sometimes not even knowing. We can guarantee, that in our products you will not find parabens, SLS, SLES, EDTAs, formaldehydes (we will tell you more about these bad boys next time). We are paying particular attention to the ingredients of our products so you don’t have to worry about it. 


The products we offer may not have fancy, colourful packaging and may not seem the cheapest, but they are not expensive either compared to high street alternatives and they stretch a long way. We don’t work with huge corporations, our partners are small manufacturers who CARE. We also always want to be truthful to you - you will not see a difference after a day or two after using a cream or serum. As we always say, being consistent gives the best results. 


At Love Body Basics we believe in regular skincare rituals that  involve natural formulas of the products but also that good, balanced diet, good hydration, exercise and good sleep have a massive impact on our our health and our skin condition.



Did we tell you we are also very passionate about nature and are big animal lovers? Between us, we have a horse, two dogs and two cats and we make sure that none of the product you find in our store were tested on animals, even the smallest ones. None of them deserve to go through any pain or die in order for us to be able to use products.   https://www.peta.org/living/personal-care-fashion/beauty-brands-that-you-thought-were-cruelty-free-but-arent/  



We are also concerned about our environment and we try to do our bit. We eliminated as much plastic from our own households as possible and we try to educate others. We are thinking about extending our offer into non skincare, eco-friendly products. Is there anything you’d like us to stock up? Any suggestions? Please share them with us by dropping us a line.



Another thing we wanted to mention is the packaging. We wrap your parcels in recyclable paper, non acid cardboard boxes and use cornstarch fillers to protect the products (it’s those little white nuggets, that you can either put in your compost bin or dissolve in water). We also use the paper tape and sometimes jute twine.  



To sum up and to be consistent with the whole concept of Love Body Basics, we are not going to convince you to buy more. We are trying to show that sometimes you actually need less. Also being ECO means that you make the right choices or let us help to make them for you.


Love, Karina x


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