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If there was one ingredient that really should be found in the products you reach for (because your skin needs it to look fresh and young), it would be retinol. What exactly is behind this name? It is a real cosmetic miracle - vitamin A in its pure form, which stimulates cells to renew. It’s been scientifically proven that it is not only extremely effective in the fight against the aging process, but also 100% safe - it is hard to find a a similar product that would be equally thoroughly tested. Retinol is widely used not only in cosmetology, but also in medicine - vitamin A is used, among others, for inflammation of the digestive or respiratory tract, skin diseases, as well as in ophthalmology.

So what is retinol?
As we mentioned earlier, retinol is vitamin A in its pure form, which has a beneficial effect on the skin. Retinol is one of the most effective ingredients in anti-aging skincare cosmetics, which has been scientifically proven. Stimulates cells to renew and makes the skin to slow down the ageing process.

How does retinol work?
Thanks to vitamin A, as a result of increased skin cells turnover, the skin almost sheds the dead cells and reveals healthier looking complexion, but that's not all. Retinol reaches deeper layers and stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, improves the functioning of the active layer between the epidermis and dermis. After a few months, you can observe the effect often mentioned in commercials - the skin is more dense, tighter, and the traces of discolouration or scars of acne are literally gone. How is this possible? The amount of melanin in these darker patches is reduced and the skin also gets a signal to create new blood vessels, which gives it an extra injection of oxygen. Small wrinkles and lines are pushed out from the inside, and the skin regains its smoothness and beautiful, even colour.

Vitamin A is also a secret weapon against pimples - higher doses, e.g. in the form of medications (treatment takes place under the watchful eye of a dermatologist) are often the last resort in the fight against bothersome adult acne.

What else is worth knowing?
Usually products with retinol come in opaque packaging, because under the influence of the sun or strong light it loses its properties. For the same reason, it shouldn’t be applied during the day.

The retinol used in the A+E+C eye serum by Iossi however, is a hydrogenated vitamin A, otherwise known as Retinol H10. This new and improved formula takes advantage of Retinol H10 technology, that makes it much more stable when exposed to both heat and light. It is guaranteed to maintain its potency and superior performance even under the most adverse of conditions and ensuring the desired anti-ageing outcome.

Retinol H10 is a new generation of Retinol that increases the natural production of hyaluronic acid in the skin’s layers, causing an immediate plumping effect and assisting to visibly diminish the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

How to make the most of it.
Specialists advise to take 3 months break after a 3-month treatment; it has been proven that after this period the effectiveness of the treatment decreases.

Anna’s tips.
When using our A+E+C Eye Serum, shake the bottle gently and without tipping the bottle upside down (so it doesn’t dispense too much product), gently apply the serum under the eye (the cooling metal ball is a bliss for tired looking eyes). You might want to use the tip of your finger to spread it evenly underneath the eye. I also love to apply it around my lips and on my neck - the areas where my face shows most wrinkles.

Have you tried any skincare products with retinol, do you have any favourites? Or maybe you want to try some tips with us?

Anna x

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