100% waffle linen face cloth, face towel

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Small and handy face towel / face cloth with a loop for easy hanging. Handmade from 100% soft European waffle linen. Oekotex quality fabric in natural colour, undyed and unbleached. Size: 29mx28cm. Contrasting loop, rustic texture and minimalist style – will add unique charm to your bathroom.


Why linen & few facts:

Linen fabric is made from the flax plant fibres and very often is made on traditional looms. It is loved by many – from designers to those caring for the environment. It is very durable – it’s 30% stronger than cotton.  It is also much more absorbent than cotton yet it dries a lot quicker, so less chance for developing the musty smell. Linen (or flax) is environmentally friendly as it does not need much water and no chemical treatment to grow, more – there is no waste as all parts of the plant are used. Linen is hypoallergenic and antibacterial, one of the purest fabrics around. With use linen softens and gets a unique feel, that is very difficult if not impossible to recreate with other fibres or processes. Linen softening makes the towels a popular choice by people with sensitive skin – unlike cotton which can feel ‘scratchy’ after washing. The face cloth can be used damp on your face to slow down drying of face masks, perfect for those self-care days.


Did you know …

Linen has been used for thousands of years with the oldest linen fabrics being dated to 2400bc!  Thanks to its purity and antibacterial properties is has been used in ancient Egypt as bandages for treating wounds and also for mummification. In more modern times, in Europe especially, linen items were and still are, highly desired and often becoming family heirlooms, being passed on from generation to generation.


Caring for your cloth:

As with all towels, wash your linen cloth before first use. If you have sensitive or allergy prone skin, choose mild detergent, that will not irritate your skin. Run the machine on a gentle cycle or low cycle to help protect the threads. Dryer cycle on lowest setting, as high temperature might damage the fibres, however if possible, it is better to hang them out and let dry naturally, so you can enjoy them for a long while and to avoid additional shrinkage.

Washing: 30° - 60°. Let dry naturally, tumble drying could damage the fibre.

Ironing: 200°C if required.

Shrinkage: up to 4%

Composition: 100% linen (flax), excl. trimmings.