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Our exfoliating hand-finished body brush has been made from FSC certified European beech wood and Tampico (agave plant fibres) bristles. It’s ergonomically designed oval body fits comfortably in your hand and the strap gives extra control for an easy sweeping motions. Body brushing has been known to keep the body healthy and skin glowing since ancient times. This beauty (and health) ritual was used by ancient Egyptians, who were the pioneers in many extraordinary beauty techniques and recipes and then followed by Greeks, Japanese, Chinese, Turks, Russians and Scandinavians. Both dry and wet brushing have similar benefits: naturally exfoliates (removes dead skin cells) making it easier for the body to absorb the nutrients from the skincare products; stimulates microcirculation and promotes lymphatic drainage, helping reduce the appearance of cellulite and plumping up the skin; helps eliminate toxins through the skin (skin is our body’s biggest organ that has protective but also detoxifying function). It is also said that body brushing invigorates the nervous system and helps digestion and kidney functions. After the brushing ritual you will feel invigorated, energised and prepared for the day ahead.

Effect: regenerating, invigorating, detoxifying, firming, energising
Size: length 13cm, width 8cm, strap length approx. 16cm

How to use: Start brushing from your toes, with gentle strokes, work upwards on the legs (don’t forget about the back of your thighs and bum!) On your stomach move the brush in anti-clockwise motion to aid digestion and then go up the arms towards the heart. As a good rule of a thumb, always sweep towards the centre of the body. Make sure that the strokes are gentle and never break the skin! While it is quite normal for the skin to be slightly pink after brushing, it should never be red or sting! The exfoliating body brush can be used for both dry and wet brushing, although if you find the bristles are too hard for your skin or if you have sensitive or thinner skin, you might want to start brushing during showering as water acts as lubricant. This way your body will get used to brushing.

Product care: Replace your brush every 6-12 months (depending on the frequency of use). Always wash it with gentle handwash and let dry naturally with bristles down so that the gravitation draws the moisture out.