Relaxing Forest Spa hand-poured natural soy wax candle

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An unwinding and calming scent with a rich woody blend dominated by Siberian pine alongside eucalyptus and precious woods. Opening top notes of pine, eucalyptus, fresh greens, rounded by pine, cedarwood, sandalwood, guaiac wood, musk. A wonderful fragrance that delivers relaxation and wind down.

The candle is locked in an elegant black glass container with golden oak wooden lid for you to enjoy the fragrance for longer. The container can be recycled or repurposed (just as an example, after washing is with warm water and washing up liquid and removing the wick sustainer, it can be used to store cotton buds in your bathroom, jewellery, or as a small flower vase or a succulent plant pot – they look very effective).

Approx burn time: 25 hrs

Container size: 14cl, height 76mm, diameter at top 63mm

Single burning time: 2-3 hours, shorter burn time might result in tunnelling, longer burn the glass will become very hot. Optimum fragrance experience is when full melt pool is reached.

CLP compliant. Candle care label attached.



Soy wax generally burns slower than paraffin, so you can enjoy your candles for longer. It is derived from soy beans, which means natural and sustainable. Soy wax candles give much cleaner burn, very little or no soot, so better for your health and also for your walls. It doesn’t interfere with the fragrance, as soy wax itself is almost odourless, unlike paraffin wax. Spilled soy wax is much easier to clean up with soap and warm water and it’s biodegradable.


HOW TO BURN YOUR CANDLES - enjoy a great scent experience and maintain the candles high quality for longer by following few simple tips:

  1. Light the candle in a well-ventilated room, away from drafts that can cause sooting (black marks on the vessel) or uneven burning.
  2. Always follow the burn time suitable for the container size (do not exceed 3hrs for smaller candles). Burning for less than advised time can cause the candle to 'tunnel', which leaves a build-up of wax around the vessel's sides. Burning for longer periods (over three hours) can cause the wick to move or slant, moreover the longer the candle is burned, the hotter the glass will become and might crack from too much heat and cause fire!
  3. Make sure you stop burning your candle when 10mm of wax remains at the bottom, keeping an eye on a burning candle when the wax is low, as the glass can become very hot.
  4. Make sure the wax pool is clear of wick trimmings and matches, as debris in the wax can act as a secondary wick, making your candle burn faster.
  5. After extinguishing the flame with a snuffer, centre and straighten the wick. Burning for too long can cause the wick to move, or slant. If you see a flaming wick come close to the vessel wall, extinguish the flame and straighten the wick to prevent the vessel from cracking and possibly causing fire. Do not use the lid to extinguish the candle.
  6. Always trim the wick to 4-5mm (when the wax has set) to prevent high flames, smoking or sooting which long or crooked wicks can create.

Never leave burning candles unattended and keep away from children and pets