Rose water (hydrolat), organic


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Rose hydrolat is made by steam distillation of the petals of Damask Rose. It is very versatile and valuable for all skin types, has skin toning properties and relaxes the senses.


  • Perfect moisturiser for all skin types including mature, dry, sensitive and dull skin. Also greatly suited to those with couperose, oily/combination skin as well with acne and rosacea skin.
  • Rose water has mild antiseptic properties and is slightly cooling, therefore perfect to use as a mist as well as a toner preparing the skin for the next product application.
  • Soothes and promotes skin healing
  • Balances skin’s pH post-cleansing
  • Improves skin’s elasticity and regeneration
  • It can be used as hair mist – provides moisture for the hair and increases circulation in the scalp which is the initial step for absorption of nutrients from skincare products.
  • Balancing and relaxing fragrance, therefore very often used as a mist to relieve anxiety and stress.




Consistency: light toner

Effect: relieved, quenched skin

Fragrance: pleasant rosey

Size: 100ml with spray pump

Certifications: vegan and organic


How to use: 

Spray generously onto cleansed face and neck (or use a reusable cotton pad to apply, but ideally you don’t want to waste the product so it’s better to apply directly; another option is to spray onto palm of the hand and pat gently into the skin)  and follow with the next steps of your routine (perfect to use with serums or oils as it helps lock in the moisture in the skin). Use during the day in warm weather for refreshing effect. Use on damp hair to help moisturise hair shafts, smooth and soften the hair. Perfect base for oil hair treatments.

Rose hydrolat can be used with face masks, that require mixing with water (use hydrolat instead of water) for extra nourishing effect, also use as a mist to stop the mask drying out once applied on the face.

Storage conditions:

Store in a cool dry place out of the reach of children. In warmer weather store in the fridge (this also provides extra cooling and soothing effect); avoid leaving the bottle with the top off to prevent contamination.


Ingredients/INCI: Rosa Damascena Flower Water (organic)